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Cellar Coolers and Beer Cellars with 5 years Warranty


The accurate and reliable control of temperature for the storage of cask-conditioned beer is essential for the delivery of a top quality pint.


Barnsley Refrigeration has, for many years, installed, serviced and repaired specialist cellar coolers and beer cellar equipment designed to meet this need, providing breweries, tenants, landlords and owners of licensed premises with perfect cellar conditions.


Our beer cellar and cellar cooling system packages offer a versatile and comprehensive range of condensing units and coolers to meet the most demanding cellar cooling needs. Comprising an outdoor, weatherproof, housed condensing unit matched with an indoor ceiling or wall-mounted cooler, the packages are designed to operate on environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants. For sensitive locations, such as residential areas, low-noise versions are available to meet the most demanding noise limitations.


The improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of lifetime costs have been driving factors in the design and manufacture of these units. The integral control system in the cooler provides close temperature control (+/- 1 degree Celsius), leading to measurable energy savings. The efficient design of the heat exchangers in both cooler and condenser allows a smaller system to be installed, reducing the cost per unit. The maintenance-friendly design reduces initial installation time and simplifies routine servicing operations, saving time and money.


For many years we have worked successfully with the brewery sector in supplying beer cellar cooling solutions for use in pubs, clubs and licensed premises. This has arisen through a comprehensive understanding of the purchasing, specification and supply agreements which operate in this market place, creating successful partnerships between large pub groups, contractors and wholesalers.



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